Athletics tables and software

Atletiek tabelle en sagteware




Two separate programs was added for network operations. One for the announcer and a second for the medals.

The program is also ported to windows based tablets with all functions as touch sensitive.


The first totally paperless system is developed and it is registered as intellectual property.

A seperate program was added for swimming events.


Various functions are modified for easier use. Direct sending of team lists via E-Mail from the team options.


Continued changes in event standards are included and the tables are adjusted.


Links to electronic timing is added. At this stage TimeTronix is used and other systems are developed.


Various functions and reports are added on request of users.


Continued modifications is done and functions are developed. The program was expanded to include the handling of heats and to print draw sheets.


The first Windows based program was developed.


On request of a group of schools the program was extended to handle any type of meeting. At this time it was the only program that could produce table scores for a meeting.


Some participating schools in the final asked me to change the program to handle the qualifying rounds. The program was modified to handle the different requirements.


I got involved with the SASOL series and wrote the first program in CLIPPER (DOS) to handle the specific requirements for this final. At this time table values where obtained from printed copies and the meeting rules was applied to select the events for a specific team. Final values was obtained by manual addition of the selected values. The final results were only available some time after the meeting and the winners were announced during the farewell function.