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Atletiek tabelle en sagteware


Team lists (Results of all athlete performances)

D1   - Gauteng North                     D2  - Gauteng West                D3  - Tshwane North               D4  - Tshwane South

D5   - Ekhulureni East                    D6  - Ekhulureni South           D7  - Sedibeng East                D8  - Sedibeng West

D9   - Johannesburg East             D10 - Johannesburg North    D11 - Johannesburg South   D12 - Johannesburg West

D14 - Johannesburg Central        D15 - Tshwane West               D17 - Ekhuruleni North

   F - Final

 SF - Semi-Final

 QF - Quarter-Final

Progression of atletes from QF to SF to Final

Program of events Pilditch 8 and 9 March 2019

Final Results of events

Statistics Includes Medals, Bests performances and more.