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Team lists (Results of all athlete performances)

D1   - Gauteng North                     D2  - Gauteng West                D3  - Tshwane North               D4  - Tshwane South

D5   - Ekhulureni East                    D6  - Ekhulureni South           D7  - Sedibeng East                D8  - Sedibeng West

D9   - Johannesburg East             D10 - Johannesburg North    D11 - Johannesburg South   D12 - Johannesburg West

D14 - Johannesburg Central        D15 - Tshwane West               D17 - Ekhuruleni North

   F - Final

 SF - Semi-Final

 QF - Quarter-Final

Program of events Ruimsig 6 and 7 March 2020

Final Results of events

Progression of atletes from QF to SF to Final

Live Results of events

Statistics Includes Medals, Bests performances and more.

Scores of teams and medal standings